Sporting Codex

1. General rules and conditions for participation in races

1.1 The latest version of the original Assetto Corsa Competizione must be used for ACC Hungary races.

1.2 All competitors are expected to behave in a sportsmanlike manner. This sportsmanlike behaviour is expected not only in the game, but also on the Discord server and in the Facebook group!

1.3 Participation in ACC Hungary tournaments is open to those who meet the minimum requirements for the tournament. (Minimum Safety Rating, minimum number of laps on the server, etc.)

1.4 The races are held in fixed or variable weather conditions, mechanical damage rates are normal, tyre wear and fuel consumption rates are normal.

1.5 Weekly timetrial/practice servers are open to any member of our community. Rules must be kept on practice servers aswell. Server password can be found in the Facebook group, or in our Rulebook.

Lap times ran here will be posted on our Rank page and also on our Current Hotlap page.

1.6 Name usage: Everyone must use their full legal name in English form.

1.7 Stewards and administrators may grant or take individual entry permits in justified cases.

2. Usable cars

2.1 All cars available in Assetto Corsa Competizione may be used.

2.2 If the competition is held with a specific car model or within a specific category, the competitor must choose accordingly. Failure in doing so will result in disqualification from the race.

3. Racing procedures

3.1 Races start in the default Assetto Corsa Competizione format with a full formation lap leading to a flying start.

3.2 The 3 stages of the formation lap are covered in the next 3 paragraphs:

3.2.1 Stage 1: Single file formation

An extra indicator will appear on the screen to show whether the competitor is well placed within the column. It is the driver's responsibility to keep his car in the green zone, and as long as this is done he is free to use the full width of the track. He can warm up the tyres and brakes. If the driver is in the green zone, he does not have to take into account the movement of other cars, he can even overtake them. The main thing is to keep the indicator in the green zone at all times.

3.2.2 Stage 2: Double file formation

As in the previous stage, the driver must keep the indicator green and close to the side of the track designated for him. Weaving, brake and tyre heating is not advised in this phase. Anyone causing an accident or inconvinience for others is free to be protested and will be given special attention by the Stewards. The aim is to keep a constant speed and a reasonable line.

3.2.3 Stage 3: Race start

A speedometer will appear on the screen which will turn red above a maximum speed of 70km/h. Here everyone is obliged to drive at 70km/h and to start at the green light.

Anyone who exceeds the speed limit will receive an automatic penalty. In addition, the start will be subject to a special investigation by the Stewards. Anyone who is intentionally slowing down others will also be investigated.

3.3 The race will start with the green flag!

3.4 In a race, a "restart" is allowed with „Return to garage” button. In this case, the program will lock all controllers for a short time. After this time, you can re-enter the race.

3.5 In the pit lane it is always mandatory to use the pitlimiter, if the speed limit is not respected the program will automatically issue a penalty, which must be served.

3.6 When a Stop & Go penalty is being completed, it is forbidden to change tyres or refuel. The program does not allow it either. The Stop & Go penalty must be downloaded within 3 laps. Failure to do so will result in disqualification from the race.

4. Racing behaviour

4.1 Races are organised online, so in all situations please be aware that others may see things differently and in a different way to you. There is a minimum of delay in every contact, different camera views, different cars are being raced.

4.2 In all overtaking, aim for a fair, clean overtake. This is a no contact sport and no pushing or shoving is allowed.

4.2.1 The attacking driver must leave space for the other party within the white lines at all times. Curbs, runoff areas and artifical grass are not considered part of the track in this case. Even if the game does not consider it to be leaving the track.

4.2.2 The attacking driver is entitled to a place alongside the other half if his front axle is in line with the rear axle of the defending half. If his vehicle is behind the defender’s rear axle, the defending driver has every right to choose the their driving line - (see point 4.3.2)

Detecting car positions are helped by the spotter and the radar on the HUD. However we’d like to ask you to always be aware of drivers close behind yourself, even if wheel axles aren’t in line. Our main goal is to ensure safe driving via rules.

Any unsportsmanlike manouvers are free to be protested/reported.

4.3 When defending, no zigzagging is allowed, only one change of line is allowed in straights. It is forbidden to change your line in the braking zone, even if this would be the first change of line.

4.3.1 The defending driver has to leave space within the white lines for the other party in all circumstances. Curbs, paved run-off areas and artificial grass are not considered part of the track in this case. Even if the game does not consider it to be leaving the track.

4.3.2 The defending driver has the right of choosing their driving line if the front axle of the attacking competitor is not in line with the defender’s rear axle. In this case he may even "close the doors".

4.3.3 The defending driver must leave enough space for the opposing driver if his rear axle is in line with the front axle of the attacking driver.

This is detected by the spotter and the radar on the HUD. However, we urge everyone to avoid accidents at all times, and to be careful even if the two axles are not in line. Manoeuvres that are considered dangerous are free to be reported.

4.3.4 Braking much earlier than expected, brake checking, or intentionally blocking by late acceleration are prohibited.

4.4 If cars are moving side by side, forcing the other driver off the track,is prohibited by both the attacking and defending parties. If a car tries to lead off the other, it is free to be protested/reported.


4.5 The driver being lapped must let the lapping driver overtake within 3 corners from the moment he receives the blue flag signal. To let go, the rider must leave the ideal line and, if necessary, reduce speed to allow the other rider to pass as easily as possible.

4.6 The overtaking driver shall take into account that the car being lapped is on the track aswell, and shall not force them to brake suddenly or to leave the track.

4.7 A lapped car may retake their lap without disturbing/endangering the car in lap advantage. However, it is a request to all drivers to watch their HUD and if it is not a fight for position, let the faster car go, even if they are a lap behind them. There's no point in getting into a fight like that, defending a race position that ’’doesn’t exist”.


4.8 During a yellow flag, drivers must exercise extreme caution on the track and be must prepared to stop the car if necessary. Overtaking is prohibited during a yellow flag. Changing positions is only acceptable if it is to avoid an accident or to allow cars to disperse as quickly as possible in the event of traffic jams.

4.9 If the car is damaged to such an extent that stable progress, visibility is limited or even impossible, the driver must drive to the pits as soon as possible and repair it. During this time the damaged car must try, to disturbe the field as little as possible. If possible, escape routes, track-side asphalt and concrete sections should be used to let other cars go.

4.10 In case of bad connection or lag, the lagging driver must leave the server. Failure to do so may result in disqualification and getting kicked from the server at any time by Stewards.

4.11 Returning to the track - after a slide, an accident, or after leaving the track in case of a technical errors - must be done with utmost caution. It is forbidden to return perpendicular to the curve of the track or by closing an acute angle. If you are off the track, you must try to regain control of the car while you are still off the track and return to the track only after it has been fully taken control of. Preferably parallel to the track.

4.12 When entering and exiting the pits, everyone must stay within the white lines leading in and out. It is also forbidden to cross this line. This applies to free practice, time trials and races.

4.13 All cases of controversion are to be judged by Stewards.

5. Penalties - Results

5.1 Stewards may penalize any accidents, even if it wasn’t reported.

5.2 Stewards may ask the affected drivers to explain the nature of their accidents at any time of the race or after the race.

5.3 The penalty system will be based on the penalties already known in real racing.

5.3.1 The following penalty levels have been established:

    • +5 sec

    • +10 sec

    • +15 sec

    • Drive Through Penalty

    • Stop & Go Penalty

    • DSQ

    • The penalty levels in a championship may be backed by penalty points at the discretion of the stewards.

      • The amount of penalty points is essentially determined by the number of cars involved in the accident minus the driver at fault.

      • In case of blue flag hold-ups, the driver who is being lapped will receive a penalty point for each corner he does not let the faster driver pass.

5.3.2 In all cases, the amount of the penalty points received will be decided by the current Race Control, taking previous cases as a precedent.

5.3.3 In the case of a multi-server race, if a competitor is required to serve any penalty, it means that this will be done on the server for which he has qualified.

5.4 A more detailed explanation of a penalty/decision may be requested by the drivers affected. Appealing is possible, if all this happenes in a cultured way.

Server Info

Server names will include the words ACC Hungary in all circumstances

Password: acchu